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Copper Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors are used for linking together conductors subject to a differential of motion caused by thermal expansion and contraction where frequent vibration or operational movements are encountered. Flexible connectors are manufactured as per customer drawings and specifications to include technical data like mounting position, Max. load, Installation, Switch-on period, Connection distance between bores and dimensions etc.Terminals at both ends are of copper tube compressed under high pressure on to the braid without changing braid design. This provides maximum conductivity with minimum voltage drop, and without losing the flexibility in the braid. Typically, such braided connectors are used without any insulation however, insulation sleeves can be provided upon request. (PVC, Silicon or other material).

Special designs are available for specific applications. For example
Pre-welded or Resistance welded Copper braid for MCB, MCCB, RELAYS etc. These braids can be supplied in various dimensions with square, round or rectangle designs up to an area of 22 mm square.
Flexible Flat Braded Connectors both end solder dipped with or without holes, generally used as earthing braids. They come in up to 100 Amps capacity.
Range:4mm to 3000 mm
Current Ratings:40 Amps to 3000 Amps.
Single Wire diameter from: 0.05mm to 0.3mm
Finish:Bare Copper / Silver plated / tinned
Copper Grade:Electrolytic
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