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Fiber Glass Wire

Fiber Glass Wire Is A Composition Of Glass Tape And Metal. In Fiber Glass Wire Bare Copper Conductor Or Tinned Copper Conductor Is Used Having Glass Tape Lapping On The Same. This Type Of Wire Is Known To Have Non-Porous Glass Tape Lapping On It. The Glass Tape Protection Secures The Metal From The Process Of Oxidation; As A Result It Is Widely Used In Areas Where Adverse Physical And Chemical Environments Are Experienced. These Wires Are Also Extensively Used Were The Instrument Temperature Reaches Very High. The Technology That Is Used In The Manufacturing Of This Type Of Wire Makes It Special. Fiber Glass Wire Is Used In The Devices Such As Electric Heater, Electric Motor As Well As High Temperature Instruments. Fiber Glass Wire Products Fares Well In Areas Of High/Low Voltage, High Durability And Tremendous Overload Capacity.

Copper Wires Are Extensively Used In The Modern World For Electrical Conductivity And For Electronic Appliances. Copper Being An Excellent Conductor Of Heat And Electricity Makes An Ideal Choice For Electrical Wires Which Can Be Used On A Large Scale For Commercial And Industrial Needs. The Other Remarkable Properties Of Copper Which Facilitate Copper Wires To Be Used For Electrical Conductivity Are Its Ductility, High Melting Point, Resistance To Corrosion, Low Resistance Value And Ability To Be Recycled. Copper Can Be Drawn Into Very Thin Wires, As Thin As A Human Hair And Very Low Diameter Of The Wire Causes The Resistance Value To Drop Down Leading To Minimum Electrical Wastage During Power Transfer. One Can Avail Copper Wires As Well As Copper Strips Of Required Length And Diameter From Reputed Indian Wire Manufacturers And Exporters Who Maintain World Class Quality In The Finished Products.
  • Extra Insulation Is Provided To Make These Fiber Glass Wires More Strength.
  • Two Or Three Layers Of Glass Fiber Yarn Braiding Support The Wire At Each Point Where Excessive Stretching Occurs.
  • Wire Insulated With Conventional Material Will Break Since There Is No Support From The Insulation.
  • Thick Layer Of Insulation Makes Our Fiberglass Cables Oil & Solvent Resistance Hence It Does Not Blister, Peel Or Crack Even After Years Of Installation.
Conductor Material Copper Soft
Copper Type: Bare Copper And Tinned Copper
Range :0.1mm 2 To 500mm 2
Single Wire Diameter From: 0.1mm To 0.9mm
Type Of Insulation:E-Glass, F-Glass Alkali Free Varnish
Insulation Options:1 Or 2 Layers Lapped And 1 Or 2 Layer Braided
Copper Grade:Electrolytic And Oxygen Free

Standard Packing
Notes: If Having Special Requirement, Customer Please Contact Our Corporation Directly.
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